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* Fisher 331 ([[Schedule:Lab#Main_lab_schedule|schedule]]) * Fisher 331 ([[Schedule:Lab#Main_lab_schedule|schedule]])
-=MathLab Hours Fall 2013=+=MathLab Hours=
* [[Schedule:Lab#Main_lab_schedule|331 Schedule]] * [[Schedule:Lab#Main_lab_schedule|331 Schedule]]

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Welcome to the Michigan Tech MathLab located on the third floor in Fisher Hall.


MathLab Hours

There is a consultant on duty when the lab is open. They may be wandering around the labs helping students or at the desk in 331. Please report it if no one is around Report It! (you will be asked to sign in)

MathLab Software

  • Mathematica 9.0
    • Free home use Mathematica 9.0 license. for MTU students. (MTU log in required. Use the center log in form, not the one on the side.)
  • MatLab
  • SAS
  • Magma
    • Only on machines 21,22,23, and 24 in Fisher 330
  • C, C++, Fortran

Calculus Labs

The labs provide a hands on introduction to solving Calculus problems using the industry standard Mathematica software. The lab grade accounts for 10% of your total calculus grade and is based on weekly Mathematica labs and Canvas quizzes.

Talk to a consultant in Fisher 331 or contact the appropriate Course Coordinator via Canvas for additional information.

Calculus 1 2, and 3: Go To Canvas All lab information will be distributed through Canvas.

Sign in using your MTU userID (email address without and your ISO password.

Exploring Mathematics Colloquium

A weekly colloquium will be held in Fisher 330 from 5-6pm every Thursday for the rest of the 2014 spring semester. The colloquium will cover a wide variety of topics but the primary goal is to answer campus wide questions about how you can benefit from using Mathematica. Are you currently crunching data in Excel? Are you struggling with visualizations in MatLab? Let us show you what you can do with Mathematica. The general topic to be discussed on any given week will be posted below although questions are always welcome. You can submit suggestions about topics or specific questions to be addressed via email to Are you currently using Mathematica in your field or have built something you would like to show off? Email to schedule a time to lead a colloquium.

Upcoming Topics: 3/20/2014 Image processing with Mathematica. Topics will vary from basics image processing such as importing and playing with images, to more advanced topics such as Wavelet Analysis using Fast Fourier Transform Analysis.

MathLab Policies

  • Violations of the MTU Academic Integrity policy will be reported directly to the Dean of Students. There are some specific policies relevant to the MathLab.
  • Account use policies: Rules covering the use of your mathlab account.

MathLab Troubleshooting

  1. Open a terminal window. (Right-click on the desktop and select "Open Terminal".)
  2. Type in the rm ~/.mozilla/firefox/*/{lock,.parentlock} and hit enter:
  3. Restart Firefox.
  4. If this doesn't work, and you don't care if you lose your settings (such as bookmarks, history, etc), type rm -rf ~/.mozilla
  • For help with the lab programs (Canvas, Mathematica, OpenOffice, etc.), ask one of the lab consultants on duty.
  • Contact the appropriate Course Coordinator via Canvas, with questions that consultants can not answer or with hardware issues, or problems with/ideas for this website.

Consultant Pages (Restricted access)

Information for students employed in the lab.

The lab regularly has employment opportunities for undergraduates.

The application can be found at this link:


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